COLOR WOW Bionic Tonic Carb Cocktail


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Ground-breaking “bionic tonic” bonds a high carb complex to hair’s surface. Instantly adds mass and volume to fine, thin compromised hair.

Color processing breaks down the proteins that give hair strands natural thickness and body. Hair loses mass and becomes thinner, flatter... limp and lifeless. Carb Cocktail is a bond building supplement that bonds a 3-D, carb-based “fiber mesh” to hair’s surface, instantly fattening up fine, limp strands. This ground-breaking Cocktail supplements lost proteins and adds mass to hair by surrounding each strand with an invisible, flexible, micro-fiber “mesh” made up of a carb-based complex. It’s not a styling gel or a root lift product: it’s a leave-in bionic tonic that makes hair look and feel so much thicker and fuller.


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